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This article will show you how to do the following.

  • Manage incoming and outgoing fax boxes.
  • Send Faxes
  • Check Logs to see if faxes where received


Inbound Fax:

This section outlines important information on faxes received from a single user or the entire account.

Section Features:

  • Selecting any fax box on the account.
  • Date range filters
  • Downloading faxes
  • Fax details
  • Deleting faxes

Support Notes:

  • This section allows you to confirm if a customer is getting inbound faxes.
  • Users can log in to gain access to faxes that might have been lost. 

Outbound Fax:

This section outlines outbound faxes sent from the virtual fax service.

Section Features:

  • Displays the status if the outbound fax was Successful or Failed.
  • Filters to display a specific fax box or all fax boxes.
  • Filters the dates at which faxes were sent.
  • Ability to download a fax.
  • Ability to send a fax.

Support Notes:

  • This page will allow you to confirm if a fax failed to be sent.

Email-to-Fax Logs:

This section outlines email notifications for incoming faxes for virtual fax boxes.